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The Looming U.S. Water Crisis

America is going through a water crisis, and we’re going to face even more dire times if it doesn’t begin to change soon

India water crisis flagged up in global report

India is one 17 countries where "water stress" is "extremely high", according to an exhaustive new global report released on Monday.

Desalination plants produce more waste brine than thought

As clean freshwater has become scarcer around the world—especially in arid regions such as the Middle East and North Africa

Groundwater table dips by two to three metres in Secunderabad areas

SECUNDERABAD: After a significant rise in the groundwater tables till October, several areas in Secunderabad such as

Can purifiers help restore India's depleting water levels?

India, as a country has faced water woes for a long time now. In fact, a recent report by NITI Aayog suggests that

What urban India can learn from Cape Town’s water crisis

While bridging water access gaps should be prioritised, empowering water utilities will be paramount for cities to become water-secure.